Jan 17, 2012

The Birds

Opdateret for nylig7

If you know me, you know I hate birds. Just the thought of them (specially poultry!) gives me the creeps. Except when they’re in print, on a pretty dress. Birds are definitely the new black, and I’m thinking therapy just got a whole lot trendier! I figure I can buy the clothes and wear them all the time, that way I’m constantly being exposed to the root of my anxiety and slowly begin to get over this embarrassing little phobia, while at the same time being dressed in the latest fashion. This must be the essence of a “win-win situation”! Or maybe it’s the essence of “killing to birds with one stone”… Hmm, I’m getting a bit confused on the metaphors here so maybe I should just move on.

In the collage above you can see lovely creations from the SS 2012 fashion shows, also mentioned here, here and here.

From the left we have; Burberry Prorsum, Chloé (top picture), Christian Dior (bottom picture), Carolina Herrera (top picture), Chanel (bottom picture) and again Carolina Herrera.

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