Jan 4, 2012

Old Hollywood

black and white

Ah to live in the world of black and white – everyone is more beautiful, more elegant and more glamorous when depictured without colors. Strange but true.

Hmm… maybe I should print the collage on photo-paper and put it up as art in my bedroom wall – not because the collage is all that good, or because I particularly like having photos of beautiful women in my bedroom, but I do love looking at inspiring things, and this totally get’s me in a nostalgic old Hollywood mood. It makes me want to put on one of my little black dresses, my pearl earrings and big black sunglasses – maybe even try brushing my hair! (trust me, that’s a big deal seeing as it doesn’t happen very often…). Oh, well – maybe one of these days I’ll actually have somewhere to go when dressing up like that…

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