Jan 4, 2012


Once up on a time there was a little mermaid who lived under the sea and whose biggest dream was to experience life on land. Know the story? Thought so…


I absolutely loved Ariel as a kid (of course I still do – but let’s pretend like I’ve actually grown up just a little bit!), maybe it was just something about us having a bit similar names? Or maybe I actually identified with her story – no, I didn’t really live at the bottom of the sea – but I had (well, have actually) a mom who was very overprotective and ever since I was a little girl I’ve had the feeling that “there must be something more than this” just like she had. Oh, it all sounds so silly when I write it down – but non the less, this particular fairytale has had a bit of an impact on my life. Just being named Eric could probably score you a date with me… And one of the comments that I’ve obsessed most about in my life is a guy telling me I remind him of Ariel. Why? I have no idea. He had no idea of my little (big, unhealthy, weird – you choose the adjective…) hang up with The Little Mermaid, he just said it out of the blue. I don’t even know if he actually meant it as a compliment, he might just have been trying to say I look like a fish or act like a na├»ve little girl – but seeing as I’ve loved her since I was a little girl I couldn’t take it as anything other than a compliment.


Weird, how stuff gets programmed in our heads from a very young age and then suddenly comes out and surprises us when we least expect it.

Of course the music is the best of any Disney movie – this beautiful melody is completely underrated – Alan Menken really is a genius.    

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