Jan 2, 2012

First day of business

The first of January is almost always the most calm and relaxed day of the year (except last year when I was up studying at the crack of dawn!). I know myself good enough to know, that even though I wasn’t hung over, I was going to be out ‘till 3 in the morning so most likely I would spend the morning in bed. Knowing that, I decided to prepare beforehand and brought flowers in to stand next to my bed – a lovely way to wake up the first day of 2012.

IMG_0146[1]  Oh, and hiding outside the picture is of course a bottle of Pepsi Max…

The second of January is a huge contrast to the first. This is the day when you get started, all the hopes and ambitions you have for the year need to get going this day to have any chance to keep. Seeing as I don’t have any real new years resolutions and I don’t have work this week, I spent the morning watching the last couple of episodes of “Life Unexpected” – an ok show with a rushed and weird finale.

Now I’ve finally gotten my butt out of bed, taken an hour long walk to find the perfect swings (I loooove swing sets - FYI…) and called the trash people. No, that’s not an insulting term for the insurance people (whom I also need to call today) but actually the guys that come and pick up the trash. Apparently I can’t get rid of my Christmas tree until the 17th of January! What am I supposed to do with a dead tree in my apartment for three weeks!? I hate not having a car – or a license for that matter!

The rest of the day is going to go with calling the insurance people – I need a new one and it’s probably going to cost me a bunch of money I don’t have, so I’m not really looking forward to calling them. Then I need to call the tax people, I doubt that’s going to be any more pleasant than talking insurance or paying bills which is what I have to look forwards to after making all my calls. Oh, how I love the first day of business…    

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