Jan 9, 2012

Two steps from hibernation

Today was the first day back after 9 days off, one would think I would be thrilled after having been so bored last week – but oh no! I’m tired and achy. Maybe it’s the weather? I mean, I know my knees hurt from standing without really moving for about four and a half hours during surgery, but the mood – the hiding under a blanket, closing my eyes so I don’t see the mess in the kitchen cause I can’t muster up the energy to deal with it mood, or the don’t you dare drive to close to me on the street or cut me in line ‘cause I’m not responsible for what I’ll do mood. That can’t be just because of my job (Oh and I do love it – just some other parts of it that’s all).

The weather usually gets the blame in these parts of the world, either it’s to cold or to windy or – like today – to wet. It’s this nasty little drizzle that leaks in around your collar and gets the seat of your bike cold and moist. Besides, my boots have a hole in them so I get wet feet – and I hate wet feet (almost as much as I hate socks in bed – but that’s a whole other story…)!

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The thought of going in for a 25 hour shift tomorrow is just so depressing I can’t even think about it right now or I’ll seriously go into hibernation and come out again around my birthday, and I just don’t think the hospital is going to accept that and keep sending me paychecks…


Who ever invented misty rainy Mondays must have been out of his mind (in spite of the pretty pictures)! 

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