Jan 20, 2012

This woman’s work

32 hours ago I got up to go to work – since I’ve slept 2,5 blissful hours between five and seven thirty in the morning.

I don’t want to fall asleep during the day ‘cause then I won’t sleep tonight, and tomorrow I’ve got to get up and do it all over again. But I have a headache, a queasy feeling in my stomach and a mind full of pictures of my white work shoes completely covered in blood, so to keep myself distracted I’ve walked around window-shopping for hours. Now my legs can’t handle it anymore so I’m curled up in my reading chair with a book and very soon some new episodes of Greys, OTH and The Vampire Diaries – yes, that’s the level of thought I can handle today. Sooner or later (and I’m guessing sooner rather than later by the rumbling from my stomach) I’ll have to get up and try to get some food down, that’s if I find anything in my pretty empty fridge.

Most days I love coming home to my very own quiet apartment where I can be alone and not mind anybody – today’s just not one of those days.


The photo of my sis has nothing to do with the post – I just like the feel of the picture. And, it’s also a link to the song of the day – Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”. Haunting, beautiful and what I’m listening to today.

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