Jan 16, 2012

Barnyard animals, babies and dots

Yesterday was a great day, the most beautiful little girl was baptized and I was lucky enough to get a couple of minutes of laughter and baby cuddling before the drive home. We talked, we laughed and we ate – all in all a very good Sunday!


A custom made cake that tasted great and looked amazing! I didn’t get the name of the woman who made it, but next time I need a cake with barnyard animals on top I’m definitely getting her number!


The theme color was lilac, so of course her gift was decorated with lilac ribbon. Inside were three great books that I’ve loved for years and that I hope she’ll love to – when she’s a little bigger that is. The classic “Le Petit Prince” for cultivating imagination, the girl power inducing “Ronja Rövardotter” and the sad “Bröderna Lejonhjärta” where you learn courage and to stand up for what is right. Also, the last book has this quote I love, roughly translated it’s something like; Sometimes you have to do things even though they’re dangerous, because other ways you’re not a person but merely a little shit. Well, it sounds better in Swedish…


I ended up wearing a polka dot dress and it turned out to be a total hit with the girl of the hour – apparently polka dots are the most amazing thing ever when you’re 3,5 months old, personally I totally get it, I love dots too – and she’s obviously fashion conscious from a very early age, just my kind of girl!  


  1. I love the polka dots too, even though my age is far more advanced than 3,5 months :-). And great choice of books, all three of them, but specially "brødrene løvehjerte" which I remember being my first "movie tears" ever. Please keep on writing- I love it. Din Berit

    1. Thank you! I'm sure you look amazing in polka dots, it's a good look no matter age you know ;-)