Jan 30, 2012

Soda pop feelings and dreams

It’s been a couple of days of silence around here. One might think that I only write when I’m sad, bored or unhappy about something, and one might have a point in that. The thing is, happiness is such a difficult feeling to put down on paper without sounding silly or fake, and I didn’t want to sound either ‘cause I’m really, really happy!

If you remember in November I wrote this about looking for a job. The first month I got several “no thank you” mails back, witch was expected and I handled it pretty good. In December I started becoming just a little bit worried, there weren't that many jobs to apply to, seeing as I’ve only been applying to pediatric wards and I still hadn’t even been on an interview. January came with the slightest trickling of panic. People started to get their plans settle and I still had no clue what would happen after the 31th of March.

Then came the call. “Hi, thank you for applying for the position of junior doctor, would you be able to come down for a talk tomorrow afternoon?” I was baffled, and immediately I started to repeat the same mantra that’s been turning in my head since I started looking for a job – “don’t get your hopes up, you’re never going to get it”. Then I remembered this and I decided that I was going to get the job. I was going to go in there and show her that she’d be a fool not to hire me because I am the perfect person for the position.

When I came out and she’d told me I’d gotten it – when I had basically just been handed my dream, I restrained myself until I had gotten one flight of stairs down – and then I clapped my hands and jumped up and down and laughed out loud. Happiness feels like having your blood switched out with soda pop, it bubbles, it makes my hands tremble and my whole body want to burst out with laughter or tears of pure joy. See – I told you, it sound silly! Oh, well, at least it feels amazing!

Tomorrow I’ll celebrate with my girls and I’m sure there will be smiles and laughter and definitely real bubbles in tall glasses!


Isn’t this the happiest elephant you’ve ever seen!? I don’t think I can explain happiness as good as she’s showing it!

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