Feb 1, 2012

Who run the world?

We had a lovely evening yesterday with bubbles, chicken and chocolate ganache, although not in that specific order. There was talking and laughing and best of all (well for me at least) a lot of advise giving, so that I’m a bit closer to deciding how to figure out my living situation.
I’m always so surprised when I hear about girl fights – and I’m not talking about neither cat- nor pillow! Obviously I’ve had disagreements with my girlfriends, periods when we see less of each other and even times when you think the friendship might be slipping away or is in fact lost. But during non of those times I have ever experienced the backstabbing, selfish, competitive bitch behavior I sometimes hear being called “typical girl behavior” (ok, so for the sake of complete honesty I might have one experience with a backstabbing and selfish girl – but I’m considering her the exception that makes the rule!). It is such a misconception that girls can’t play three at a time, that there is always a competition going on or that there is always an element of jealousy and talking behind one another’s backs.
I know that when we toast and wish each other congratulations with our big as well as small accomplishes we mean it, and I can’t understand how anyone can get through the crap in this life without having that.
So, to answer the question – Girls!

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