Feb 10, 2012

I guess it’s what they call home

Wow! Seven days since my last post! I’ve been a busy busy girl – actually, I’ve been a very relaxed, cold, happy, free girl without internet access. After my last shift I hurried home to put the last pair of pants in my bag and hurried of to the airport. I’ve spent a pretty intense week in Stockholm. An evening with high school friends, a day with mom, four trips to the airport, one very interesting meeting with an airport guy, a day with dad, a couple of days wandering around Stockholm finding new cafés and ruining my feet and my favorite shoes and several wonderful evenings with my favorite person in the world! (If you don’t know that’s my sister you don’t know me very well!)

I needed to get away, I needed to laugh so much I couldn’t breath or walk, I needed to talk and talk until everything seems like it’s been dealt with twice but you still have more to say – I needed some days with family. I know it sounds selfish, but the very best part of spending time with my sister is remembering how much I like myself (I know, it sounds weird!). I’m funny and deep and have meaningful conversations and take care of her and let her take care of me, I’m so completely myself, that it really feels like a vacation from all the roles you play in your life on a daily basis. All in all, a great week!

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