Feb 2, 2012


Ever heard of the Ketchup-effect? I’ve never really believed it. I always figured the people who said so were just generally lucky and I’m generally not. I mean, girls who get one date and then suddenly have ten dates with ten different guys (while I’m still looking for one) are just bitches you know – in my humble (non-bitter) opinion, and generally lucky or easy (or both)… But this wasn’t supposed to be me bashing on other girls (hmm… kind of ironic considering my last post actually).

Today I received the fifth job offer. Last week I was sure I would be unemployed and homeless by the first of April – now I’m turning down good jobs! I love it! Confidence boost like you wouldn’t believe it! So far two pediatric wards have offered me positions (one of witch I took, obviously) and all three of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric departments where I’ve applied have offered me a job. Obviously psychiatry isn’t very popular, but still – I don’t care, I’m just happy they would consider me for the job!

I thought this picture was a better description for how it feels rather than the picture of a bottle of ketchup that was the alternative. Whatever happened to real letters anyway? I totally miss them…

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