Feb 14, 2012

The hardship of getting out of bed

I woke this morning by my phone practically buzzing of the nightstand and of course I was too disoriented to figure out how you answer an iPhone, not even counting the fact that I hate (and I do use the word hate) and practically never answer when someone calls from a blocked number. Anyway, I suppose it was from work as they called again about an hour later wondering if I could cover a shift tonight. I thought, sure, why not, a shorter shift and more money than my shift tomorrow. Then they call again, an hour and a half later canceling it! Christ!

Oh, well, now I’m back to having the whole day off and I guess that’s not too shabby either. I need to get to all those “back-after-vacation-things” that I haven’t had time to do. Laundry needs to get done, groceries bought, books returned to the library. I don’t mind really, if only I get a couple more minutes with my feet on the radiator and the soft vocals of Greg Laswell on Spotify.

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