Feb 18, 2012

Turn me up when you feel low…

There are so many good things with this video that I couldn’t help but posting it! I don’t even remember having heard the song before this Glee episode, which must mean I’m way out of the loop cause this is a great (great!!) song! Besides the great song this clip also includes a beautiful red coat (why don’t I have one!?) that obviously looks pretty with brown hair (like mine…). Lastly it depicts this generations way of serenading, yes it includes a gospel choir and nothing less is going to cut it, just FYI. In the old times there was a dud in tights standing beneath a balcony singing accompanied by his lute, then there were mariachi bands (I shudder with the thought!) and the classic 80’s with the boombox over the shoulder (and I dare you to say anything bad about the boombox in my presence). Now us girls want a little more effort. A remake of a known song specifically chosen for the occasion and fitting for the relationship and a couple of dance moves wouldn’t hurt either.

Come to think of it, there’s an even more elaborate way of serenading someone but I’m thinking you’ll need many really (really!!) good friends to help you out with this one… Did you see Friends with Benefits? If not, this (being the last scene and all) might be considered a major spoiler, just so you know.

Some might be embarrassed by this obvious lack of taste in movies, but I set out to be honest, and honest I will be. I love these kind of movies, corny, funny, totally predictable and still, they leave me with a smile and a warm and mushy feeling inside – you know the “aaaawww” feeling of seeing a cute puppy.

So, serenading – a totally underrated (and obviously simple) thing to do that is having a much deserved come back! Now go on and start planning your own, you know you want to (even if you’ll only sing it in the shower…).  

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