Feb 2, 2012

A mix of parisienne and mad men


This must be the greatest poster I’ve seen all year! I found it at this very funny and cool blog Paris vs. New York where you can buy it – and other posters like it. I’m thinking that as soon as I have 200 Euros laying around, that baby will be mine!

Anyways, I’m having another day off work. Yes, the life of a surgical resident is very hard indeed. So far my day has been spent sleeping in, eating a seriously huge breakfast (I mean, egg and smoothie and cheese and rye bread – that’s huge compared to the usual cup of coffee while putting on mascara!) and talking on the phone. The rest of the day I need to prepare my communication class that I’m teaching in about 10 days, I have no idea what to say – and I’m guessing that’s a bad thing considering the topic of the class… Also I need to pack so I’m ready to just grab my stuff and head for the airport on Saturday (after a 25 hour shift mind you!).

I’m thinking a cup of coffee in a quiet café with Strauss in my headphones should be the perfect way to plan a class, or at least read the compendium for the class. If it wasn’t so cold I could totally wear my LBD and heals whilst working on my laptop – that must be the perfect combination of Parisienne and Mad Men don’t you think? Or maybe I need to ad a glass of scotch and some pearls to be a real mix…

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