Feb 28, 2012

From hunger to supermarket road rage

About an hour and a half ago I was stepping on my bike, peddling with this kind of fierce bubbling rage and frustration. I was ready to write a scornful and probably completely embarrassing post about work. Then I got home and being the smart girl that I am (also having known myself for over 27 years) I decided that getting something to eat had to be priority number one. First basic human needs, then blogging, yes, it sounds reasonable.

So what happened to the rage? The frustration? The indignation?

Gone, completely replaced with an overwhelming sleepiness. Whatever happened at work today doesn’t matter, I don’t even care anymore, I just want to sleep.

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It’s such a childish reaction to hunger. I know this, trust me, I’ve been made aware of this stupid fact more times than I wish to admit, still I can’t really control it. Well, I can’t control feeling the way I feel (and I still do think I had a good reason to be pissed today) but luckily I’m getting better at controlling my own reaction to it. I mean, I didn’t yell or make faces at work. I didn’t push the slow grandma in the store standing in my way. So maybe I did looked a little less than friendly at the dad that didn’t bother telling his roughly 6 year old kid (that’s old!) not to pull down his pants and sit on the chees display and maybe I did mutter a little under my breath at the woman trying to cut in line – but that’s just rude and I would have done so even if I hadn’t been food deprived for a whooping nine hours!!

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