Mar 2, 2012

Bring me back to life

Surely you haven’t missed that we’re heading straight forward into spring? Today was one of those days that convince me that people who prefer summer to spring must be a little bit crazy. There’s this fantastic expectation, freshness and rebirth-feeling around spring. Everything feels crisp and new. Today the sky was cloudless, the sun beaming and even heating a little if you found a place protected from the still chilly breeze, and I felt like a new person. It’s like the lungs that have been waiting to breath properly finally get to suck in all this fresh air and you almost levitate in the process! Today I wish I had a garden to sit in, a sheltered spot among high green bushes where I could sit in the new sun cuddled up with blankets and enjoy a glass of lemonade and a good book while listening to some soft and happy tunes. Ah, the hopes and dreams of a city girl with a romantic streak.

Oh, yeah – in case you hadn’t noticed, today is also – Friday! I’m getting my veggies at the market tomorrow and buying all the flowers I can carry, it’s not spring until the house is full of tulips!


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