Mar 27, 2012

Late night baking

Tomorrow is my last day at work! Yes, we have indeed reached nr. 1! As soon as I get up tomorrow I will start on an hourly countdown starting at T-28 hours, I might even update the blog just to let you know what hour I’m on, I mean, just in case you don’t have anything else going on you know…

Anyway – I’ve been cleaning and packing just like the last couple of days and I’m starting to see an end to this whole misery. I need to pack my bathroom and some clothes I still might wear over the next couple of days, but other than that I’m done. Oh, well, I do have some stuff left in the kitchen – but seeing as just a couple of minutes ago I had to rummage thru three boxes to find an ingredient to my cinnamon buns I might just wait until Friday to pack my whole baking-kit.

You might wonder why I’m baking a day like this, and trust me, I’ve asked myself a couple of times during the last hour and a half. I made some lemon and poppy seed muffins to bring to work tomorrow, last day and all, but it turns out that when my recipe says 32 small muffins they actually mean miniscule! I got 18 out of that batch – and I don’t have anymore poppy seeds to bake more! So now I’m baking cinnamon buns to supplement the muffins. The thing is, they need to raise twice each time for at least 30 minutes, so as you can see the whole – “packing all day being dead tired so planning to go to bed at a reasonable hour plan” – is not likely to happen. Oh, well at least I like baking these buns, it’s weirdly relaxing to kneed a dough, much more so than whisking a batter for muffins… I should have made these from the start…


The pictures are pretty self-explanatory, except for the last one – I’m not baking anything chocolaty today, but I’m taking on quite a challenge spanning two days starting Thursday, so I’ve stalked up on my chocolate supplies. I must say, of all the impressing things I do (and obviously I do a lot!) keeping away from this is probably the thing I’m most impressed about. I just might show you the result of that one – if it turns out the way it’s supposed to that is.

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