Mar 21, 2012

It is really very simple, just a single pulse repeated at a regular interval

I have washed and packed clothes, I’ve brought stuff up from the basement and sorted through it, I’ve washed the kitchen windows, I’ve taken pictures of clothes I want to sell and put them op on a trading site (which has been a hassle seeing as my computer still isn’t very cooperative) and I am now very close to loosing my mind. I’m so bored, and I have this kind of bubbling feeling of wanting to jump up and down and scream a little, I’m not even sure why exactly.

I haven’t heard anything more about my uncomfortably rapid approaching move. I need to know by Friday so I must say I’m getting just a tiny bit worried. I haven’t called the movers yet because I can’t decide which day to move, but seeing as I’m so late booking they’ll probably not be very flexible anyway. Things are kind of becoming huge in my head and I can’t finish one thought without the next one hopping in and interrupting. I need some air. I need to learn how to stop time so that I can just sit down, breath and make my heart stop pounding for just one second.

I need a house in the countryside where I can escape, but maybe I should just start by getting a roof over my head before I start thinking about summerhouses… you know, the practical approach.

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