Mar 20, 2012

No day but today…

This is the day – this must be the day – the day I find myself a place to live!

I’ve already made a list over things I need to get done in the next 10 days, among other things packing, cleaning and sorting. On the top of that list is getting a place to put all my stuff after they’ve been cleaned, sorted and packed, so by the end of the day I hope to be able to cross that off the list. Let’s keep our fingers crossed just for good measure.

Being a girl/woman (Jesus – what are you supposed to call yourself these days!?) I am of course extremely apt at multitasking so this day I intend to also write a very important letter to the university of Copenhagen. The tricky part is that it’s supposed to be a motivational letter so I need to think about why I want what I want. Easy peasy…  I’ll get back to you when I figure that one out.

For the time being I’ll leave you with a video that’s caught wildfire on the net in the last couple of days. I posted it on my Facebook a while ago and being the uninformed silly girl (yeah, definitely girl this time) I am I hadn’t read all the criticism it had received since. Now I’ve read it, and I’ve read a fabulous response to it and I post it again, this time with a more nuanced view of it but by no means any diminished admiration for the creators and their mission, and maybe even a little bit of hope for our generation.

Worth watching…

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