Mar 15, 2012

The days in-between

It’s been a bit quiet here for the last couple of days and that’s mostly because my computer and I haven’t been on speaking terms. Right this minute we’re not yelling at each other, but I’m pretty sure it won’t last long, so I might need to start thinking about what I’ll do when we finally breakup for real…

Well the days have passed with fabulous spring sun, walks by the water (even though that’s still a bit of a risk considering the wind…), dining room runway shows with yours truly modeling and admiring two new summer dresses, and baking my first ever Tarte au Citron and sharing it with two unsuspecting victims. I don’t remember when I last failed so miserably with a cake, I suppose it’s meant to humble me… and make me try harder – next attempt will be a five layer chocolate cake for a friends birthday. I mean, it’s never failed me before, so when in doubt – go chocolate.

I think the best way to illustrate how bad the cake was, is to show you a couple of pictures of myself – when I’d rather show you this than the cake, you know it’s bad, really bad!


I have no idea why I can’t smile like a normal human being, as soon as a camera comes close I get this half panicked nervous smile, but hey – it looks better than my lemon cake, so be happy you don’t have to look at that!

Oh, and see the mess on the table behind me? It’s ten times worse today – I should stay home and fix it, but seeing as I unexpectedly got the day off I’m ignoring all my chores and hopping on a southbound train for the day!

I hope you’re having a great day too!

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