Mar 27, 2012

Being the lucky sister of a traveler



It’s past midnight after a weekend with two 24-hour shifts, window-washing and packing a huge amount of books and clothes, so why aren’t I in bed? Well, I’m waiting for a call. A long distance call that I’m not exactly sure when will come.


I don’t often consider myself a lucky person and most times I don’t think I have anything that’s really special in my life – just a bunch of ordinary things and events. But then I think of my sister and I know I’m wrong. I have this one person who gets me more than I sometimes want to admit she does, a person who knows all those things I can’t express because she’s been there thru everything in my life. A person who makes me laugh like a snorting pig and then tells me I do and still make me laugh even harder because of it. The only person I have ever intentionally hit and still feel like punching once in a while when she does something utterly stupid. The person in this world that I’ve said the most horrible things to, and who has actually found a way to forgive me.


We’ve been in different countries for over eight years now, and I’m still dumbfounded when I think of it, but it’s always felt like we were right next door to each other because we keep so much in touch. Now she’s gone and left the continent and just like last time she did, I know we won’t be able to talk like we usually do. Just thinking about it makes every problem I have seem ten times heavier because I can’t unload on her as much. At the same time though, her courage and guts has – as always – the same effect on me as a real hard kick in the ass. I’m so impressed of what she does and how she shapes her life to be what she’s always wanted it to be, I really wish I could be more like her. So I’ll try not to be sad and take as much advantage as I can of this boost of energy and inspiration she throws my way so that I can follow my dreams, just like my little sister.


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