Aug 9, 2011

Say Anything

Great movie that I just recently heard of – how is that? How do you not hear of this movie? Ok, granted it’s not like Titanic big or Casablanca classic, but it’s so sweet and – well, different from so many other 80’s teenage movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with 80’s teenage movies (if I could I would totaly dance to “Time of my life” from Dirty Dancing at my wedding – well, that’s if I could ever get a guy to do that, and let’s face it, I probably couldn’t!) but this movie is just different somehow. It’s not all mushy and the girl isn’t very girly, I think. The guy is amazing – and if I’m ever pissede of about anything big, the boombox outside the window is totaly the way to win me back! (oh, and that scene is sooo not mushy – it’s honest and sweet and you know it!)

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