Aug 18, 2011

Wishing and hoping and praying

Oh there are A LOT of things I’m wishing and hoping and praying for right now. First of all that my tummyache will disapear during the day so that it won’t ruin the very fun weekend I have planed that starts tomorrow! But to not get into all the big stuff I’m wishing for right now I could show you one thing I really, really want!


This pictures are borrowed from  and are Alcro PR-pictures styled by Lotta Agaton (can she do anything wrong!?) and is just the perfect example for what I want in my home right now (and probably for ever and ever!). White, calm, elegant and at the same time with a bit of a homie-feeling. It’s particularly the middel picture I’m inlove with. I feel like I need to have those wine glasses to ever be able to serve wine in my house again! And I don’t even know where the glasses come from…

Oh well – I can always keep wishing, and hoping and praying… (for a more roomy budget, a store that has at least some nice stuff in my city, a lamp that actually works and so on…)

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