Aug 14, 2011

A hairy subject

I have a deep dark shameful secret – actually, it’s not really a secret. You can see it on me if you look closely – so it’s really just deeply shameful. I haven’t had a haircut in about a year now! I love my hair. I know your not suppose to like anything about yourself in our day and age – but I do, I love my hair. At least I used to love my hair, now I cringe every time I see the horrible split ends. I’ve been on a really tight budget the last couple of months (like jeans-a-size-to-small-and-newly-washed tight!) So I can’t afford to get my hair cut at my regular place, besides, I’ve moved to another city since my last cut so it would cost train fare on top of the ridiculously expensive prices they have there. Anyway – I’m thinking I’m going to have to find a new hairdresser in my new city and I’m going to have to book a date really, really soon.

I’m thinking something like the girls in the new H&M catalogue have, a bit 60’s inspired. I’m just not sure if my hair is thick enough for it…


(The dress is by the way super cute – just not on me, at all! I was so dissapointed after trying it on a couple of days ago…)

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