Aug 4, 2011

A hard days night

I just came home from a nightshift at the hospital, and this song isn’t completely irrelevant. Actually it’s very true – it has been a hard days night and I really should be sleeping like a log. Unfortunately I’m not very good at the whole, get up, get dressed, take a bikeride home and then sleep in a very bright room. Well, there’s always a show to watch on the computer that I hopefully can fall asleep to.
It actually hasn’t been a regular night at the hospital. I’ve stood my ground on a couple of things and argued my case, in my opinion, for the benifit of the patient. It’s amazing to think that just a couple of months ago I would have been to intimidated to even question what I was told to do. Today I feel more confident in my diagnostic skills so I have the courage to say it when I think a case is being treated badly. I don’t have that much experience with it though, so I was absolutely thrilled to get a CT scan and some bloodworks to support my theory – I don’t even remember the last time I had such a big smile plastered on my face at 4 in the morning (and mind you at a time where I still haden’t gotten around to go to bed!). Oh well, the life of a young doctor – being happy about a CT scan and a CRP, it might not be Hollywood glamour, but it sure made my night!

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