Aug 22, 2011

I believe

when I fall in love with you it will be forever…

A lovely song by Stevie Wonder, from the classic movie High Fidelity. And in honor of the film, top 5 moments of the movie (if you haven’t seen it – shame on you!! – and spoiler alert!)

1. How to make a compilation tape – “I’ve started to make a tape, in my head, for Laura, full of stuff she’d like, full of stuff that’d make her happy. For the first time I can sort of see how that’s done.”

2. “I miss her smell, and the way she tastes, it’s a mystery of human chemistry – and I don’t understand it, some people as far as your senses are concern just, feel like home.”

3. The proposal – “I’m tired of the fantasy ‘cause it doesn’t really exist”

4. “She’s right, I broke up with her, I rejected her, that’s another one I don’t have to worry about! I should have done this years ago!” 

5. Lis to Rob – “Hey Rob, f*cking a**hole!!”


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