Aug 6, 2011


I thought I needed a break from the bed today – so I movede to the couch. Yes, it’s been one of those days. Actually it started yesterday after work. I didn’t bring my workout clothes to work and so I didn’t go to the gym afterwards, wich is a really bad thing considering I’ve only just started workingout so I can’t get out of the rutine or I’ll never get back into it. Anyways, I decided I was way to tired after my nightshift – which was hell by the way (in case it didn’t come through in the last post!), and in the evening I went out for sushi and drinks with a couple of friends so I didn’t get to bed as early as I’d wanted to. All of that only to justify my fridaynight hangout in bed, with “The Reader” and falling asleep with the computer on my belly. Today seems like it’s just been impossible for me to get out of bed at all, so when I saw that it was almoste six in the evening and I still haden’t been out of my room (for more than quick visits to the kitchen of course!) I decided to move the party to my lovely livingroom.

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I’m thinking tomorrow is going to have to be super effective so I don’t fall into the common trap of starting a new week without having completed your weekend chores. On my list is – as far as I remember right now – do laundry, clean the apartement properly (not just the rushed vacuuming that I tend to do five minutes before I get people over), look for my computers insurance papers (yes it’s in desperate need of a computer-doctor and sadly I’m not that kind of a doctor) and of course – a visit to the gym. If I’m very effective and super ambitious I might just even get some reading done, I’m sick of feeling like an idiot everytime I’m dealing with electrolyte inbalances or acid-base disturbances – I’m thinking a proper study session, just like in the good old days. Hmm, I might just skip all the other stuff I need to do and just study, I mean, you are supposed to do fun stuff in the weekend right? Gosh I miss uni! I’m so weird…

Uh, I just figured out the song for this post!!

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