Dec 30, 2011

The Hunting

Yes, that’s what I’ve been up to today. I’ve been searching, looking, tracking down and trying to find the perfect – well the good enough anyway – dress and last minute flight. So, do the two things have anything in common other than obviously being very hard to come by? Not really, but yeah, kind of a little bit too.

Playa las Teresitas 3

Today was my last day of work until the 9th. of January. That’s a whole lot of spare time! And unfortunately it’s a whole lot of unplanned time. I should have thought about it months ago, although granted my last week off (about 7 weeks ago) was strangely filled with mandatory communication classes and funnily enough – work, so I didn’t really dare to plan anything, in case “week off” actually meant working regular hours. So my thought was that maybe I could take a last minute trip somewhere? I mostly want to go to Paris but maybe that’s better as a springtime trip? So instead I was looking at cheap flights to Tenerife – you know, sleeping on a sun chair is almost the same as sleeping on the couch (which of course is what I will be doing if I stay at home) only I get filled up with Vitamin-D without having to take one lousy pill! Problem is, I had the impression last minute trips were cheap and they’re not really, except if you want to sleep in a crummy old hotel with cockroaches as roomies. Maybe it’s better to go to Paris for just like three days for the same cost it would be to go to Tenerife for a week? See, this is the problem with unspontaneous people like me – I can’t make a quick decision to save my life (or my vacation!)


So, the other quest – the good enough dress. Well, the reason why I need to go away (apart from having the time and feeling obliged to use it to travel) is that I don’t really like New Years Eve, and I feel like the only way I can stand to really celebrate it is if I have something really great to look forwards to after (and I mean like the day after!). So the dress is for tomorrow. New Years Eve – it doesn’t seem like it’s going to slip quietly by this year either. Each year I think, it can’t really get any worse, and each year keeps kicking the previous years butt. Now, I have had some pretty good New Years, and I don’t even know how tomorrow is going to be – so why am I being such a negative Nancy? The problem is – and I’m being strangely honest now, I’m not really sure why – I feel lonely at New Years Eve. Each year I keep hoping the feeling might have gone away, but each year it comes back worse than last, so therefor – not really a fan of the last night of the year.


Ok, so, after all the serious stuff – did I find a dress? ‘Course I did! I found two! One green and one black – the green was sold out everywhere and the black was only left in mini-sizes. Fortunately though I had spotted a white dress a couple of weeks ago that was still hanging there all by it’s lonesome, so I thought, why not be lonely together? And – even better, it’s THE color of next season and one of my favorite colors for spring, so I’ll take a bit of a leap in to the new year, skip the dreary months of slush and go straight to crispy white world of sandals and sunbeams.          

Opdateret for nylig3

From the top left we have; Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, Elie Saab, Valentino and Cholé. The bottom dresses are all from – the one and only – Chanel.

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