Dec 7, 2011

Between the sheets

This day – just like the last five, has been spent in bed with a fever, headache, sore throat, terrible coughing and even tummy ache. I hate being sick. I know, everybody does – but it’s embarrassing how much I hate it, how pathetic I get, being all wimpy and feeling sorry for myself.

Some people can make being sick sound cozy and almost like a vacation. They describe it as cuddling up in the sofa with blankets, a cup of tea and a good book. I wish I could be sick like that, cute sick, a little bit like the girl in the picture. Instead I look like a freak with my hair all askew and ragged old clothes. I couldn’t even manage to get out to the living room this morning, so I’ve spent the day (the whole day!) in bed half sleeping half watching The Notebook.

Now of course I’m feeling a little bit better and I’m hungry as hell, and the only thing in the kitchen is tea and gingerbread cookies – where is magical fridge when you need it!?

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Pictures from Ikea, Pinterest, Google and The Notebook.

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