Dec 29, 2011

The Christmas aftermath

Ten days since my last post, one week since my family flew in, two days since they left and almost 30 hours since I went back to work – and only about four since I got back from the hospital.


The post-Christmas blues – I guess it’s inevitable for someone like me. You build it up, always knowing it’ll never quite live up to it but still hoping it will, get disappointed when it doesn’t and then realize that you actually had a pretty good time and probably would have had a better time if the expectations weren’t so high. Before you know it you’re back at work, doing your regular mundane stuff and already ruining the next Holliday just a few days away buy building expectations – one never learns!

My Christmas vacation was spent decorating the tree, cooking for a whole family, rearranging sleeping quarters every morning and every evening, building my nightstand, pulling a cable so my TV could be moved from the bedroom to the living room and of course talking, drinking thousands cups of coffee and playing board games. Oh, and not to be forgotten – giving and receiving gifts!


Christmas Eve day is almost always a kind of hectic day. The food needs to be prepared, the last cards written and the last minute gifts wrapped. Christmas Day however is almost always really where you enjoy yourself. At one point there was this stillness in the apartment when mom had gone to take a nap in the bedroom, my sister was half asleep on the couch listening to some podcast on my IPhone, dad was surfing on the computer and I was half watching Peter Pan on TV and half napping. I think I love those moments most. Stillness, quiet, everybody is doing their own thing but nobody is alone.

Another highlight of the Christmas week was definitely the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. I absolutely loved it! It’s funny, sad, dramatic and romantic – what’s not to like!?

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