Dec 2, 2011

Friday night in

Well first of all, Christmas is back on track! Very happy about that!

A couple of days ago I made some Christmas candy (it’s called “kola” in Swedish), I don’t remember ever eating it before, so I’m not sure if it tastes the way it’s supposed to – it’s very sweet, like call my dentist my teeth's are falling off sweet! So today I chose to bake some Christmas-cookies that are less sweet and more… hmm, I don’t even know the name for their taste, gingery I guess. Now I have enough gingerbread cookies to last me until may!

So this evening is one of those perfect ones, I’m curled up in bed with tea and newly baked cookies watching nothing important on TV (oh yeah, I have a TV connection now!) and when I fall asleep there will be no alarm, no wake-up call – just sleep, sleep, sleep! I’m just a sucker for the little things in life.


Bad quality iPhone photos, sorry about that…

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