Nov 21, 2011

Won't you lay me down in tall grass and let me do my stuff…

I often think that I was born in the wrong decade – I should have been part of the late 60’s and start 70’s. I would have made an excellent hippie if I may say so myself. I’d have been a Beatles crazy, Bandstand dancing and Vietnam-protesting, raging feminist that today would tell fabulous stories and be infuriated by the passive youth. Instead I’m part of the same passive youth (yes, still youth – come on I’m not even 28 yet!) who just sits back and complains, waiting for someone else to do something about it. My imaginary past hippie self would be so disappointed!

Alas I am undeniably a child of my own generation, but at least I can listen to the music, envy the clothes and if I get a hold of some incense maybe I can close my eyes and imagine I’m right there in the middle of history being made.

Fabulous music to set the mood – better than most songs out right now.


Pictures from Pinterest – yes, I’m addicted!

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