Nov 26, 2011

A brilliant cure

In all my years studying diseases I always knew that someday I would find the perfect one for me, and now I have! It’s got the perfect symptoms and prognosis (I think) and best of all, the perfect medicine.

For several years now I’ve had periods where I’ve been a less happy version of myself, strangely enough it’s almost always been in the deep dark cold fall and winter months we have up here in the north. I get tired – like sleeping a whole day tired, and I’m a good sleeper no matter what season we have! I get cranky and easily annoyed, some might even call it a bit bitchy – and no, that’s not just my personality! And lastly I get this weird way of thinking that sweets, cakes, ice cream and chocolate (yes, it’s a category on its own) are an undisputable part of every meal. That’s not saying that I don’t sleep or am a bitch (when needed) or love chocolate in the spring or summer, it’s just on a whole other level in the dark months. So, is this really a disease? Well, actually it is and it’s called winter depression – or seasonal affective disorder. It might not be a huge problem for me (I’m almost certain I don’t fill up all the criteria), but for some people it really is something that affects their daily life in quite the negative way.

The “cure”, if you want to call it that, is (apart from antidepressants for people that have it really bad) light. Yes, this is a disease where something as simple as standing underneath a sunbeam just absorbing the light will help. Personally I’m thinking of writing a recipe for myself ordering a week at the beach in some sunny country – although, that might not be the best idea after all the cakes and sweets these past couple of months…


Picture from Pinterest.

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