Nov 20, 2011

What a difference 365 days make

About a year ago I was practically drowning in books and pages. I had some ten days to learn everything in medicine that I didn’t yet know – which unfortunately was a lot! I was under so much pressure you can’t even imagine, and the reason you can’t imagine is I can’t even imagine now. I still can’t really understand I got through it. Somehow you learn to do what you’re supposed to and not think too much about it, you get up, go to the library, read, right – hopefully learn, and then go home and eat and go to bed. Next day you get up and do it all over again. It’s weird to now live a life where reading heavy books isn’t a part of my daily activity. I suppose I’ll start reading heavy books again sooner or later, I kind of already miss them a bit – but I needed this change, I needed to get my nose out of the books and see the world, see the reason why I got my nose in the books in the first place. It’s a great reason – I want to help people, and I need to get better at it. I learn a lot from doing and seeing, but knowing myself I’ll never really get it in my long-term memory if I don’t also read it, write it down and then read it again. I need lists and columns to take the facts in, it’s just the kind of square I am.

So now, inspired by all the med. students on Facebook, who are updating their statuses with how many pages they have read and how many days they have left to learn the rest of the enormous amount of diseases – I’ll take my medicine book with me to bed and read, because deep down, this is my passion and the best thing I got (back) from passing all those exams a year ago is the joy of reading for pure curiosity and interest!

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Pictures from last fall with different reading places. The library, a cubicle, the bed and an empty study hall borrowing a friends cubicle. Good times…

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