Sep 27, 2011


I have now lived in my apartment for over 6 months and somehow I’m still not even close to done with getting it just the way I want it. Partly because I can’t afford to just go out and buy everything at once, but also because it’s really hard deciding what goes and what doesn’t. I’ve had the thought of black and white photographs all along, that’s kind of my inspirations – and then wood elements have just found their way in as a way to soften things up (and also because my dining room table is of oak and I can’t just throw it out and buy a new one right now).

A couple of weeks (months?) ago I bought three photos from Etsy and I just love them! Unfortunately I’ve hung them to high, so now I’m in a lost for how to move them without leaving big ugly holes in the wall. What I never thought of until I found my way in to En mammas dag – Weronica, was to put them up with washi tape! It looks so pretty, and you can just move it around as you please. I can think of thousands (ok, so maybe just five, but still!) ways of using it to make a white wall a bit more interesting, and it keeps up with the black and white theme of things!
So now I’m obsessed with buying some tape – I just need to stick to my decorating budget (which for the rest of the month is zero Danish crowns…) and wait to next week. The problem is I’m lousy at waiting! And – I already have something else in mind for my October decorating-budget, and it just might take the whole money pool (and maybe even a chunk of Novembers!)

I wish I could get everything I want and then some – I’m not good at depriving myself of anything. (Jeez, I sound like a spoil brat!) But I guess I’ll just have to wait and keep calm, and maybe ask someone to hide my visa from me for the next couple of days.

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Top pictures from En mammas dag, bottom left picture from and bottom right picture from Trendenser.

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