Sep 25, 2011


I did something really bold yesterday. Something I’ve never done before, something that I had been thinking about for a couple of days and that made me nervous in an absurd and all too exaggerated way. So what happened when I did it? Nothing! I was the only one who knew how big this thing had become and even I was stunned at how little it meant when I had finally done it. It didn’t go as I’d planned, and of course that bugs me, but not nearly as much as I had thought it would.

So what have I learned from this 10 seconds experience? To not build things up in my head of course! One might think that it’s such an obvious conclusion and fact that I should have learned it somewhere somehow earlier than at 27 years and 4 months, but I haven’t. I guess I’m slow.

So am I going to tell you what it was?

No, of course not! I might have learned that you shouldn’t build things up in your head, and writing this blog might be showing me how to open up about all kind of stuff – but I’m not quite at the point of revealing embarrassing, personal and possibly life-altering stuff, just yet at least.

Now my problem is how to top this? I need to come up with some way of going forwards, challenging myself and maybe, just maybe – getting a little closer to what I actually was asking for yesterday. If I’m not to big of a chicken I’ll try asking again on Friday in a more direct way – maybe this time I won’t feel like I might die or at least pass out.

This is from Therese Sennerholts webshow and I just might buy the picture to have it hanging on my front door so I see it every time I leave home, I think I (and probably most people!) need the push every singel morning!

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