Sep 22, 2011

Free Falling

Today I’m sitting in a coffee shop listening to John Mayers performance of Free Falling and - WRITING! Yes! It’s been years and years since I really wrote anything worth mentioning, but yesterday I just had a thought and began writing, and today I just kept going. Not that I’m filling the pages, it moves slowly, but I just have this feeling of wanting to keep going, wanting to keep knowing what’s going to happen. It’s great, and unexpected!

Apart from that I am today trying out the lipstick-look for daytime. I’m really bad at doing anything other than mascara and eyeliner for daytime, but I felt like being pretty this rainy boring Wednesday.

Hmm, any other quick up-dates? The thing I thought might be happening is apparently not and it’s a total bummer, but hey, life goes on, no big deal, It’s all good…


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