Jan 13, 2013

You make me wanna shout

This is my view right now. I'm trying to pretend that we are close to spring and not in fact in the deepest middle of winter. The light feels like spring, but the wind and the snow covered ground are not to be mistaken, they're definitely winter all the way. 

Though to be honest with you I'm not all that interested in time moving faster, actually a pause button would be quite lovely right about now. There are so many things that need to get settled this month that I'm a bit overwhelmed. I'm trying not to think to much about it but it's hard when people around you keep asking questions about making plans for a month or two from now. Right now all I can think about it getting through this week in one piece.

I have some preparing to do for an important meeting on tuesday and then I haven't even started on a presentation for thursday. Apart form that I need to sign myself op for some important courses (and yes, for that I do need to think into march and april which I'm trying not to do!) and talk to our union about my schedule which looks like hell... Crap, this is why I don't update here, I get a lump in my stomach just thinking all these things through.

Funnilly enough the title to this post started out referring to something completely different, but it's actually very fitting for my mood today. I should dance it out, that's where I can shout, and throw my head back and shout...

I think Christina knows what I'm talking about... ;-)

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