Jan 28, 2013

Making the most of a sick situation

This morning I had to call in sick to work, which was a problem - not only because it's always problematic when the person who's supposed to have the nightshift gets sick - but because talking on the phone isn't really something I'm capable of right now. Actually it's not really limited to the phone - talking at all isn't really an option right now. Obviously that becomes painfully clear when I try to sing along the lovely pick-me-up songs I've been playing all day. My poor neighbors, that normally have to tolerate my slightly off tune singing (I know some people out there are thinking - slightly!? I know who you are...) are now victims of me once in a while forgetting my ruined vocal cords and bursting out lyrics like a drowning cat. I do feel sorry for them, though maybe not as much as I feel sorry for myself.

Apart from singing I've spent the day building a village! Yesterday, Frida from Trendenser showed some super cute houses that she had made and today DesignoForm put up the instructions. So obviously me being the origami lover that I am had to try it out. Turns out it's quite easy! So now I'm thinking of making a whole bunch and make a village to go on top of my bookcase, but they might need to be a bit bigger than the ones I've made so far. Also, this gets me in the mood to redecorate and fix some things around the apartment. For example I'd like to move things around in the bedroom, but then I stood up to go check it out and the whole world took a spin and my throbbing head insisted I sit down and calm down and I remembered - oh yeah, I'm still sick. Crap!

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