Jan 25, 2013

Friday I'm in - bed?

I don't get this, I've had the flu already! It's actually less than a month ago that I was feverish and practically out cold for a week. It took almost three weeks to be completely over it - and now here I am - sick - again! Luckily I have today off work and a whole weekend without work so I don't need to call in sick, but I sure could think of a better way to spend my days off other than laying in bed covered up in blankets and freezing or five minutes later sweating a river from the fever breaking. It's infuriating!

The thing is, just because I'm sick and have a headache my mind doesn't stop working. So instead I spend the hours thinking about everything I should be doing - like preparing two presentations I have next month and two classes that I'm teaching in march. I should be looking at cheaper apartments, preparing for a couple of courses I'm taking these coming weeks and making a weekly meal plan (yes, I've stopped cooking again and need to take care of it!). I have some e-mails to answer and some calls to make. And in the midst of it all I come to think about a friend who has a miles long to-do list on her phone that she was considering organizing - and putting "organizing to-do list" on her to-do list! Goodness gracious! If I get myself in the shower and in some proper clothes for a work dinner tonight I'll be ecstatic.

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