Dec 5, 2012

Staying afloat

I'm alive. Barely, but still. My energy levels are buried somewhere beneath the snow, hidden in the constant darkness. Something else that's hidden is my phone - although I don't think it's as much hiding as it's kidnapped, by a dishonest taxi driver. We parted ways this weekend and I've been missing him dearly since, but I'm trying to accept that he's gone and be excited about the new (upgraded!) friend that's making his way to me as we speak!

In the meantime I'm trying to enjoy being outside without headphones on and music blasting, something I hardly ever do. I'm also realizing how often I look at my phone to see what time it is, I've never used a watch in my life and I thought I was this cool person who didn't bother about minutes and seconds but now I find myself reaching for my non-excisting phone just to check the time at least fifty times a day. I've also added alarm clock to my Christmas wish list because not having one is just incredibly stupid. Only problem now is that I don't really have anyone to send my wish list to (wow, that sounds really sad... but it's just because I know the people who buy me gifts have already bought me something else!).

So, after 13 days of radio silence all I have to say is - I'm alive and I'm managing without a phone. Yup, that's about right, and very saying for the amount of energy I have these days - this is the most advanced post I could muster up. I don't even think I'll find a picture to go with it... (And might I add that this took over three hours to get down!) Ough! I need a bed...

Looks like a dream - feels like a nightmare. Only people who haven't walked to school with their snot frozen in their nose and razor-blade sharp pain in your chest with every inhale would wish for this. But I'll give you the beauty part, not much else compares to a crispy white forrest and the silence that sets when the snow is newly fallen so that the only sound around is the one of you boots packing it tightly beneath your feet. I think I'll try to focus on this picture when the darkness gets to deep in the mornings.

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  1. Hahaha 2 comments; 1 it sounds like you are missing the taxi driver, not the phone! Very funny.

    Comment nr 2: "Looks like a dream feels like a nightmare" sounds like a frase my husband will have printed on his t-shirt one day! =)

    / you know who :P