Dec 29, 2012

Finding the upside

I'm not dead

I'm not seriously ill

I'm not missing work

My head has stopped throbbing

I have leftover ham from Christmas

If worse comes to worst I still have one and a half bottle of red wine.

Unfortunatelly I'm not built to see the positive, I'm built to see the facts (aka the downside). I feel half way to being dead and by all means seriously ill. I'm worried I won't be ready for work on Monday and I have to (let's emphasize - HAVE TO) work on Monday. I can't call in sick for a 24-hour shift on New Years Eve! I'll be hated by every single one of my colleagues - especially since I volunteered to take that shift myself. Oh, the throbbing in my head is coming back just thinking about it.

I don't get what people do when they're sick. Reading hurts my eyes and gives me a headache, watching movies hurts my ears (you know, when I can hear anything apart from the constant ringing) and trying to lay completely still and hope to fall asleep makes me go insane with boredom. I don't usually consider myself a crazy person, I'm pretty well balanced and reasonable. So maybe I yell at my computer and phone or other inanimate objects once in a while but I think that's pretty common. But laying in my bed just listening to the ringing in my ears has had me yelling at my head to stop throbbing and to my nose to stop dripping. The (loud) yelling is of course followed by a coughing frenzy and me left with no oxygen in my lungs, so now I'm thinking crazy person is not that far off the mark... 

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