Dec 12, 2012

The reward

I managed to get through my dayshifts this weekend and my nightshift on Monday with a bit of a cough and a sore throat, but today I couldn't help it, I woke up with a fever and no voice. There was no choice, I had to stay home. I've slept on and off all day, sipped tea and planned my trip to Copenhagen this weekend. I need this little get away so much you wouldn't even believe it!

Tomorrow I'm getting on a train (that hopefully can get through the snow) and bringing a book and a wool sweater, when I arrive in Copenhagen I have a deal with the cold that it will have stayed in Aarhus so that I can enjoy this long weekend that I so deserve. I'm hoping that a visit to the very Christmasy Tivoli will get my Holliday spirits going. 

The very best part of this weekend will of course be to see my oldest friend (who's actually my youngest friend...) and catching up on the last six months over a cocktail at a nice bar where I can feel a bit more glamorous than the girl in the unflattering scrubs with fetal fat smeared all over her... (isn't that just a lovely image..!)

As a must on every Copenhagen visit I need to stock up on my teas at the most perfect little tea-shop, that probably has every tea your heart might desire. They also have a salon upstair where you can get afternoon tea if you're in a Downton Abbey mood, and seriously, when aren't you?

Oh, and while we're on TV-shows, I've heard of a "Mad Men" kind of bar that I'm hoping we can try out. Supposedly the best cocktails in Copenhagen. I mean, if that doesn't cure a sore throat nothing will!

Finally we have the "pièce de résistance" - tickets to the ballet! I absolutely love the ballet. I wasn't raised going to the theater or the ballet (which is kind of weird with an actor father and a musician mother), so I don't know where the interest comes from, but it's like it's growing with time. It's something with the beautiful theaters, the incredibly talented people and the amazing music.

This Friday we're going to see Sleeping Beauty and from the looks of the pictures on their website it's going to be beautiful. My favorite is actually Swan Lake, I've never seen it live but I listen to the music every time I get a chance at I'm at my mom's place. She has it on vinyl, and I'm just waiting to stumble upon a record player at some vintage store before I blatantly steal the records from her. 

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