Nov 22, 2012

Surf dudes with attitudes

Remember I was in San Diego (and Vegas and LA) this summer? No? Me neither! It feels so long ago. It seems like at least a year ago. I'm still waiting for my precious sister to send her photos - but on the other hand I haven't sent mine yet either... I guess we really are sisters. I had a great time visiting her. At the time she hadn't really embraced the surfer-chick lifestyle (also known as the beach-bum lifestyle...) but I think she's slowly gotten there. I on the other hand was surprisingly quick to hop in the maxi-dresses, lounge around the pool and enjoy the no-stress way of living.  

The lounge around the pool part came easily as she had one right outside her door, it's the kind of effortless luxury that comes with being a student in Southern California. Obviously I chose the wrong place for higher education as the closest thing to a pool that I've found right outside my door during my years as a student in Aarhus has been a huge pile of snow and a sleeping drunk man.

Did I mention I went snorkeling for the first time somewhere near here? There where a lot of waves and I'm not a really strong swimmer but it was amazing! I'm really not a big fan of fish (I hate them actually) but the feeling of being in the deep water, far away from the shore, was thrilling and I definitely would want to do that again - maybe even learn to scuba dive... I actually loved the jet skiing in Barcelona last year too, I guess water and I aren't as incompatible as I've always thought.

The scenery is amazing and you don't even realize it while you're there. It's like it's too much to take in. Too much water to really see the ocean. That's actually a general rule for me, I first realize where I've been and what I've seen when I look at the pictures and think back; "was I really there!?"

Oh, and best bar ever? Shout House! I must find a place where they sing and play the piano here in Denmark - and then I'll move in there! You sing along, you request a song and you clap and boo depending on the mood - then you get a free drink from the bartender and the result is simply, a perfect bar.

Oh, and do you know where the title of this post comes from? (Apart from the fact that it refers to the very real surf dudes with attitudes in SD ;-) It's from the 90's show California Dreams - oh the good old days! 

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