Nov 12, 2012

Looking for the Muffin Man

I have now spent more than one and a half hour looking for the perfect recipe for poppyseed and lemon muffins and let me tell you, the cheers just now when I found it were definitely not appropriate for 22.30 on a school night. I love these muffins and I've been thinking about making them for weeks, but I haven't been able to track down the right recipe until just now. Sometimes I think about how it would have been if I'd been a housewife in the 1950's - swapping recipes, baking cakes and cooking casseroles, I think I would have been good at it... Now I have fit my baking in on my days off and remember to take all but three with me to work so I won't go nuts eating them alone. That's the thing about the wives in the 50's, they could bake and cook all they wanted and never risk standing there all alone with three batches of cinnamon rolls and no one to eat them, I mean that's the main reason you get married and have kids right?

These are definitely not my muffins, they have some weird butternut squash in the recipe, but they were the cutes ones I could find... I'll post the recipe and some pics later in the week so y'all can try them. (Notice the southern accent I lay on when I'm playing housewife and baking cakes...)

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