Sep 14, 2012

Hazy days

I've been writing several posts for the blog lately but nothing seems to get finished, it's like I get stuck in a mist just before it's done and then I need to start with something completely different next time. Today is not a good day to force myself to finish anything either, I'm home sick on what would have been my first real out-patient-department day and it sucks big time! I've been waiting for this, I've written to our schedule planner to please give me more days in our out-patient-department and finally the day comes and I just can't get myself to work. Todays is my second day of being sick and I'm actually a little bit better just with the fact that I'm awake. I don't really remember yesterday - I slept, woke up with a fever and tummy ache and threw up in a continuous cycle through out the day and night.

Anyway as I can't really get out of bed I've cradled up with my new best friend (OMG I've forgotten to tell you I'm finally the proud owner of a Mac!!) and done some research for the article I have to present at work in a couple of weeks. I'm finding some pretty good stuff, I just need to read up a bit about statistical terms before presenting it because right now I kind of just get half the words... The topic I've become more and more interested in the last couple of weeks is the connection between newborns that are SGA (small for gestational age) and the risk of developing diabetes. I think it fascinates me because I'm used to thinking that the risk always lays with overweight, but I know to little about it so far to say anything about how the connection actually is.

Wow, it sounds like I'm being totally productive in between my naps and projectile vomiting, well I'm not really - finding the articles took less than half an hour and I haven't really read them yet, just the abstracts. Mostly I've been reading blogs and finding stuff I want to buy (no surprises there...). So far I've got two posters in my shopping bag - want to see?

I somehow like them together - they are both about shadows but in very different ways. Not that I know where I would put them though... Hmm, buying stuff in a fever haze might possible not be the most best idea ever.

Oh, and the posters are from Fotografiska Webshop and Moderna Museets Webshop

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