Sep 25, 2012

Do you want to start over?

I'm having one of those days that only people cursed by Murphy's law know about. One of those days where the cold you were hoping to shake has gotten worse, your bus is late in the morning, you cough your way through the presentation you finished at about 11 PM last night, your fever won't break and decisions need to be made through a hazy feverish mist. Those days can only end in the way this one did - with me spilling red wine on my beige coat in the supermarket. You might ask yourself - was I buying wine to drown my sorrows? No, not even. I was tasting from those mini cups they sometimes put out in the supermarket and I dropped it, yes I dropped a mini cup of wine all over my beige coat while standing next to the bread aisle and had to continue my shopping wearing a beautifully stained coat - and it's not even friday.

So is this all there is? Is this really what makes this day suck and blow? (As Bart would put it...)

Of course not. This is also the day where I have had the amazingly bad luck of receiving the worst schedule for Christmas ever. We drew straws, I should have known it was a bad idea considering the day I was having. So, am I working on Christmas Eve? Nop. Christmas Day? Nop. New Years Eve or New Years Day? Nop and nop. I am the lucky winner of 24-hour shifts on the 23rd and the 26th. That would be an amazing combo for anyone but me. I have over 6 hours way home to my parents - that means that I could maybe make it home to Christmas dinner on the 24th (that is assuming busses, trains and flights work as usual and fit perfectly together) only to take the whole trip back again on the morning of the 25th - again, assuming there is functioning public transportation. This is by no means possible. So I'm stuck, here, not working, alone, on Christmas.

The worst part? This week only just started.

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