Oct 2, 2011

Can’t buy me love

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Unfortunately I can’t buy love – but I can buy joy and happiness in the form of books, pretty colors for my nails, washi tape and fruit! I can’t wait for the books to be delivered! I’ve been wanting to read Ape House ever since I read Water for Elephants – an outstanding book, probably one of the best, if not the best I’ve read this year, so now finally (!!) it’s on it’s way!

Other than that my Sunday has been very calm, relaxing and sleeping and watching old episodes of Greys. Only now I have to prepare at least just a little bit for my first day at a Thoracic surgery ward tomorrow. I’m reading the introduction CD right now (68 pages!!) and doing a list over the topics I need to refresh in my schoolbooks. So far I have:


Anatomy of the heart

Anatomy of the mediastinum

Valve replacement

And there sure is a lot more to come on that list, but I guess it’s a good thing – I need to get reading more, channeling my inner Christina Yang (hmm, maybe I can even put off “watching Greys” as studying or at least inspirational work… I already feel much better about this lazy Sunday!).

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