Oct 9, 2011

Wide open spaces

Sometimes I think I might have misunderstood the direction my life should have. I think of the apartments I’ve lived in (that have indeed been minuscule!) and that I’ll keep living in for many years to come and I think, there must be something else. There must be some other way of living.

And then I find pictures like those below and I know I’m right. There is something else, there are places where everything seems so serene and calm that you probably can’t help to become serene and calm yourself. There is nothing pretentious or snobbish about the house in the pictures, not like those old last century apartments I sometimes drool over.

If I had two lives that I could live simultaneously I would definitely buy a place like this and learn to horseback ride (not just start, stop and turning – but really learn!), talk about life quality! How can anybody not be happy living like this!?


The pictures are from Skeppsholmens Fastighetsmäkleri and they have so many beautiful places you can buy right now that I’m happy I’m not a multimillionaire cause I’d probably spend all my money buying houses…

The song for this post is (of course!) – Wide open spaces with The (amazing!) Dixie Chicks

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