Oct 13, 2012

When the leaves come falling down

I don't know if you've noticed but it's definitely fall outside. The mornings are pitch dark and the cold air pinches your cheeks enough to save you some strokes of blush. Like I mentioned a while ago in this post, for once I've actually got things I'm looking forwards to this fall, one of them is finally coming up next week! Can't wait!

One of the things I've started doing these last couple of weeks is visiting the farmers market every Saturday, it's not really for the vegetables though, it's for the flowers! I absolutely love (love!) having fresh flowers at home, and isn't the color of the flowers above just beautiful? It's even the color of the season - perfect for me as I happen to love burgundy almost as much as flowers!

My favorite dress this fall might just be the burgundy here on the right. I'm wearing it under the coat in the picture to the left on my way out for a walk and some milk shopping. As it happens just after I took this picture I put the wallet in my right hand down for a second - and left it at home. So instead of buying milk I ended up walking around in my neighborhood taking pictures of the pretty autumn trees.

So yep, that's kind of been my latest week; flowers, walking outside when it's not raining (in what happened to be a bit too short of a dress for the cold) and bitching over not having milk for my tea in the morning - I think you can imagine I'm looking forward to a change of pace... 

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